Dan Israel “Social Distance Anxiety Disorder” (Independent, 2020)

If you were to peruse Dan Israel’s prodigious output of albums,  you would come across some of the following titles: ‘Dan’, 2015, ‘Danthology’, 2013, ‘Dan Israel’, 2005 and the modestly entitled, ‘Dan Who?’, 2001. Now, of course, there are other non-Dan related titles, but the evidence suggests that Israel is a man who likes his themes, the latest of which saw its inception in 2019 when he released, ‘Social Media Anxiety Disorder’ which has now been followed by the album featured in this review, namely, ‘Social Distance Anxiety Disorder’. All of which adds up to concerning levels of societal dysfunction which could conceivably be added to as time progresses. Continue reading “Dan Israel “Social Distance Anxiety Disorder” (Independent, 2020)”

Dan Israel “Social Media Disorder” (Independent, 2019)

His most Pop and Rock release to date, Midwestern artist Dan Israel changes his life and with it his musical style. From the first trumpet blast, it is apparent that this album has diverged from the twelve or so previous and rightly so given that Dan finally quit his day job to write this. His musical career started back in 1993 and this latest album is steeped in the alt-rock of the ’90s. Continue reading “Dan Israel “Social Media Disorder” (Independent, 2019)”