Danny Schmidt “Black & Blue” – Listen

Danny Schmidt wrote and recorded this song on July 3rd, and sent it out into the world on the 4th because he “wanted it to go out into the world on Independence Day, in the footsteps of Frederick Douglass’ approach to celebrating the birth of this country . . . naming its ideals and principles and then evaluating where we still have much work to do to complete the constructionContinue reading “Danny Schmidt “Black & Blue” – Listen”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Carrie Elkin

During these strange times, AUK has been spreading a little joy by posting regular mini-gigs.  Here, you can get your fix of live music from some incredible artists.  Our latest show comes exclusively from Austin singer-songwriter, Carrie Elkin, whose gorgeous songs cross folk and Americana.  Elkin is known for possessing a voice that is at once both delicate and powerful.  She conveys emotion so effectively through her pure vocal and is so absorbed in the joy of performing, it is an electric experience to see her live. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Carrie Elkin”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Danny Schmidt

Life in lockdown has been strange and challenging in all sorts of ways.  For music lovers and musicians, the absence of live shows has been particularly hard.  We have been publishing regular mini-gigs to sustain that connection and today’s instalment comes from the Texan singer-songwriter, Danny Schmidt. Since his 1999 debut album, ‘Live at the Prism Coffee House’, Schmidt has been prolific. His tenth studio album, ‘Standard Deviation’, was released last year to critical acclaim. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Danny Schmidt”

AmericanA to Z: Danny Schmidt

The A-Z rolls around, once again, to the letter ‘D’, which offers a wealth of possibilities. This time, we’ll shine a light on a personal favourite, Danny Schmidt. Texas has produced more than its fair share of outstanding musicians and Austin’s Schmidt continues this long tradition of roots-based excellence. Since he released ‘Live at the Prism Coffeehouse’ more than twenty years ago, Schmidt has been lauded by critics for his songcraft and poetic lyricism. Continue reading “AmericanA to Z: Danny Schmidt”

Danny Schmidt “2020 Vision” – Listen

This strange year is marked by Danny Schmidt on his new release ‘2020 Vision’, which is a play on words as he relates “2020 has been an extraordinary and challenging year. It’s been surreal to live through, in real time, what will almost certainly be the most significant defining event of our generation…without the historical hindsight which always makes historic outcomes appear inevitable. Because while hindsight might, indeed, be 20/20…the year 2020 in real time has felt incredibly blurry, distorted, twisted, and astigmatic.Continue reading “Danny Schmidt “2020 Vision” – Listen”

Studio Life – Danny Schmidt

For many years, Danny Schmidt has been releasing critically-acclaimed albums, full of consistently exceptional songcraft and intelligent lyricism. The Texan singer-songwriter is known for his delicate, folk guitar, warm voice and poetic approach to his subjects. A genuine troubadour, Schmidt’s songs of wit and wisdom have a timeless quality. Although Schmidt usually performs solo, he’s also released music with his wife, Carrie Elkin, who is another acclaimed singer-songwriter. Schmidt’s considered approach to lyrical content and musical arrangements mean that he can tackle powerful subjects in subtle ways. His recent record, ‘Standard Deviation’, is his tenth recording and all his experience as a writer and performer has worked its way into this well-received album. In the middle of his American tour to promote the album, Americana-UK caught up with Schmidt to find out a little more about the title track. Continue reading “Studio Life – Danny Schmidt”

Danny Schmidt announces UK dates for May

Austin, Texas-based folk-Americana singer-songwriter Danny Schmidt has announced details of a UK tour next month in support of his new album ‘Standard Deviation’ which we described as a collection of “songs of the troubadour, the worldly-wise minstrel, sung with strength, intelligence and insightfulness” and a “lyrical work of art.” Continue reading “Danny Schmidt announces UK dates for May”