Gløde “Ø” (Membran, 2017)

Gløde announce themselves with the ambitious anthem As We Speak that bridges the gap between the Choir of Young Believers and Elbow. It’s a song that builds and builds and is full of self-confidence, unafraid to push ever wider ever bigger as though they are inventing themselves for the purpose of filling stadia. Then comes Lady In A Dress which cuts everything back, exposing the lyrics which aren’t strong enough to sustain interest – the songs are like a perfume advert come to life, all artificial and surface glamour. Songs like Make Up rely on the strength of the voice and of the narrative and they fail on both counts. Continue reading “Gløde “Ø” (Membran, 2017)”

The New Faith “Me On You” (Faith Healer Records, 2017)

Big sounding records sometimes bully me into submission and the sheer force of the music carries me along. Pete Wylie was like that, a wave of infectious exuberance, with tunes. Then there are more modern exponents like Doves or Elbow who fill their records with anthemic songs that leave me anchored to the spot. The New Faith aim big by piling on choirs, orchestras, brass, building the songs full of architectural detail.  Choruses have to explode, everything fits into place, all managed with precision – chance plays no part in construction, as though as much thought goes into the Gantt charts as the end product. Continue reading “The New Faith “Me On You” (Faith Healer Records, 2017)”