Video: SYML “Lost Myself” (Feat. Guy Garvey)

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find beautiful music that truly transports you to another place, sounds that move you. Check out SYML for one of those special moments.  Named for the Welsh word for ‘simple’, SYML is the musical project of writer and producer Brian Fennell, who has achieved phenomenal success since the self-titled SYML debut in 2019, amassing over a billion streams.  SYML’s songs have been used in advertising campaigns, films and television shows, such as ‘Behind Her Eyes’ on her Netflix.  The most recent release was ‘Sacred Spaces’, a live album recorded at St Mark’s Cathedral in Fennell’s home city of Seattle.  During the subsequent tour, SYML performed in beautiful churches around the world, including London’s Union Chapel, before heading home, finishing up in St Mark’s where the journey started.

SYML’s recent single ‘Lost Myself’ is an example of fine songwriting, excellent musicianship and sensitive lyricism: “Breaking through the clouds feels impossible now // I think I lost myself, yea I lost myself // But I found myself walking home.”  Over a gently insistent rhythm, an engaging melody flows and Fennell’s voice soars, effortlessly flying high.  One of the highlights is Fennell’s absorbing guitar solo, which enhances the mood of the song successfully.

‘Lost Myself’ is a collaboration with Elbow frontman Guy Garvey, whose warm, characterful voice complements Fennell’s pure, ethereal voice perfectly.  Fennell explains: “I’ve been a fan of Guy and Elbow since their album Cast of Thousands got stuck in my car’s CD player when I was in college.  It would always come on glaringly loud whenever I started my car. I got to tell him this story when we were shooting the video for ‘Lost Myself’ and had a good laugh. Singing with Guy feels like having a good conversation over a pint. Familiar and warm.”  In the accompanying video, for which filters and effects give the impression of nostalgia-steeped found footage, we see Fennell and Garvey sharing stories and drinks, enjoying one another’s company and their easy laughter.  That connection is at the heart of the song.  Enjoy.

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