Giant Sand + Patsy’s Rats, Oran Mor, Glasgow, 10th June 2018

Never a man to resist a whim, Howe Gelb has resurrected the band title he retired a few years back and re-recorded the first album which came out under the Giant Sand name, 1985’s ‘Valley of Rain’. The whys and wherefores for this are myriad perhaps but Gelb reasons that the original album suffered from being too clean, his Roland amp being one of the guilty culprits, preferring the final three songs he recorded for the album using an old Fender Tube amp (previously owned by Robbie Krieger, trivia fans). So, having secured an old 80’s Fender 30 amp late last year, Gelb set about recording ‘Return to The Valley of Rain’ and even managed to round up the original band to play on several of the songs. Job done, Giant Sand then set about a European tour to play the album live, tonight’s show the second last in the UK after a swirl around Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Continue reading “Giant Sand + Patsy’s Rats, Oran Mor, Glasgow, 10th June 2018”

Giant Sand return to their Valley of Rain

35 years after releasing their debut album, ‘Valley of Rain’, Howe Gelb and his Tucson based tearaways Giant Sand have only gone and re recorded the whole shebang and following on a clutch of shows in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway they come to the UK and Ireland this week to let us hear how it’s sounding these days. Continue reading “Giant Sand return to their Valley of Rain”

The Lost Brothers announce special Dublin show with Howe Gelb

It has just been announced that on Friday June 8th the Lost Brothers, Oisin Leech and Mark McCausland, will have very special guests at their homecoming gig at Dublin’s historic Liberty Hall Theatre on Eden Quay. For one night only the Irish duo will be joined onstage by the Tuscon Arizona band with whom they recorded their recent critically acclaimed album. Continue reading “The Lost Brothers announce special Dublin show with Howe Gelb”

Ed Romanoff “The Orphan King” (PineRock Production, 2018)

Ed Romanoff is a storyteller, his songs vehicles for the narratives, and stories we get whether they be ghost Miss Worby’s Ghost, the freak show Elephant Man, crime The Ballad of Willie Sutton, and of course at heart all of these are love songs. Along with the switch of genres the songs also meld into other genres from the basic folk beginning, so A Golden Crown throws in some Celtic fiddles and elsewhere there are snatches of gospel, blues and some country soul. Knitting it all together is Romanoff’s deep vocals that inhabit his characters and keep everything centred. Continue reading “Ed Romanoff “The Orphan King” (PineRock Production, 2018)”