Justin Wells “The United State” (Singular Records, 2020)

Justin Wells’ new solo record ‘The United State’ released on Singular Records is a narrative which Wells has written describing the journey between birth and death.  It is bookended by two short instrumental pieces with the songs in between detailing the path through life, choices made and roads travelled down and others avoided.  Wells has stated that he wanted the album to find the Universal in these divided times but to not be political in nature. This could have ended up an overblown concept album about the human condition but it is in fact an album which is full of hope, wistfulness and a really enjoyable listen. Continue reading “Justin Wells “The United State” (Singular Records, 2020)”

Video + Exclusive Commentary: Justin Wells “No Time for a Broken Heart”

Here is the wonderfully characterful voice of Justin Wells, who tells it like it is on latest single ‘No Time for a Broken Heart’.  When he sings: “I’d like to lie and tell you it gets better // We don’t all fall apart sometime,” there’s wit and wisdom in the delivery.  It’s the latest single from new album ‘The United State’, which is due for release on 28th August on Need To Know Music.  Wells talks about songs from the album and more in an exclusive video premiere.  It’s a fascinating commentary on the record and an insight into his songwriting. Continue reading “Video + Exclusive Commentary: Justin Wells “No Time for a Broken Heart””