Miss Tess “The Moon Is An Ashtray” (Tone Tree Music, 2020)

It’s hard to believe that the 12 tracks on ‘The Moon Is An Ashtray’ clock in at less than 40 minutes. The songs bring together all of the best elements of more than three decades of American music. From 50s ballads that bring Kittie Wells and Patsy Cline to mind to songs that breathe new life into the best of the 70s Nashville Sound—it’s all in there. It gives the album the expansive scope of an epic journey. But perhaps the most impressive and enjoyable things about the album are that it makes it all seem effortless. Every song feels both fresh and familiar. Continue reading “Miss Tess “The Moon Is An Ashtray” (Tone Tree Music, 2020)”

Video: Miss Tess “The Moon is an Ashtray”

This is a beautiful, imaginative video to complement a timeless song from Miss Tess.  It’s directed by Tom Krueger, who has created videos for many great artists, including David Bowie, U2 and Springsteen.  The video even features a villainous character, The Abductor, luring away innocent souls.  In the context of this magical, cinematic piece of art, that’s not as crazy as it sounds!  Miss Tess says: “The moon looks magical from far away, but up close, it’s a dry and barren landscape that catches the ashes of burned up dreams that have floated away. It’s all about perspective, you know?”  She makes a good point.

Miss Tess “The Moon Is An Ashtray” – Listen

The latest song from Miss Tess is a blend of original rock and roll vibes blended with some downbeat country feelings in the kitchen of a honky-tonk with aspirations to being a Diner.  The swish of the waitresses’ skirts as they bring a burger and fries to a table that needs whisky, or at very least a beer, is captured in the gently swaying accompaniment to Miss Tess’ world-weary vocal. Continue reading “Miss Tess “The Moon Is An Ashtray” – Listen”