The Texas Gentlemen “Floor It!!!” (New West, 2020)

Trying to describe the music of The Texas Gentlemen is akin to nailing a blancmange to the wall. Even in the press release for their second album ‘Floor It!!!’ (sic) it states, “The album contains woozy, brass-fuelled Dixieland jazz to slinky, chicken-scratch country funk to lushly orchestrated pop-soul balladry – all within its first ten minutes”. On the thirteen tracks there’s also a touch of The Grateful Dead, The Doobie Brothers, Little Feat, Van Dyke Parks, Harry Nilsson, The Monkees, Al Kooper, The Wrecking Crew and even The Beatles. There may be a lot of influences going on in The Texas Gentlemen’s musical make-up, but it can’t be denied that they’re quality influences. Continue reading “The Texas Gentlemen “Floor It!!!” (New West, 2020)”

Ruby Boots “Don’t Talk About It” (Bloodshot Records, 2018)

Ruby Boots – real name Bex Chilcott – throws a handful of dust into the eyes on the opening two tracks of Don’t Talk About It, which come out of the blocks running, and punching out in a glam-rock way. It’s So Cruel stomps all over the leather clad tough talker who’s a little backward at coming forward, much to the chagrin of Ms Boots who suggests “we got a spark but it’s not quite a fire / let’s get it burning with a touch of desire”. Even meeting his ex-wife, and his girlfriend, doesn’t do much to cool her ardour. Over fuzzed up guitars and stomping drums he eventually gets the idea. Some guys. Continue reading “Ruby Boots “Don’t Talk About It” (Bloodshot Records, 2018)”