TD Lind Premieres Video for New Single “Bow Down”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter TD Lind has debuted a new song and politically charged music video for the first single “Bow Down” (Surfdog Records) from his upcoming new studio album, to be released later this year. Featuring animation by award-winning artist and cartoonist Walt Taylor, wittily illustrating Lind’s lyrics, “Bow Down” weaves a story capturing today’s current socio-political climate and the often-uncontested process of the powers that be, taking aim at everyone from Trump to the Clinton’s and everything from pharmaceuticals to housing.

“Having been born in England but calling the States home for the better part of twenty years, living everywhere from New York to Los Angeles, and numerous places in between, this song represents not just my own observations but that of many personal interactions I’ve had over the years,” says Lind. “There’s concern over the struggle for power, greed, and injustice on all levels in society. I brought just these three observations to light in ‘Bow Down.’ This is a song I’ve been kicking around for several years now and it’s as universal and timeless now as it was back then. When I thought of the storyboard I wanted to find a political satirist who would have their own experiences and ideas to draw from and inject them into the video as well as my own, the great Walt Taylor is that man.”


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