The Armoires “We Absolutely Mean It” – no messing

Two of The Armoires are Christina Bulbenko and Rex Broome who founded Big Stir Records, so it should come as no surprise that we are in the realm of multi-layered power-pop, with more than a little psychedelic rock thrown in – the visualizer video below more than hints of the directions The Armoires are taking.  Today’s song come from the bands upcoming album ‘Octoberland‘ which is out appropriately enough on October 11th.

The five piece Californian band are Christina Bulbenko (vocals, keyoards) and Rex Broome (guitar, vocals), Larysa Bulbenko (vocals, viola), John M. Borack (drums) and Cliford Ulrich (bass).  Christina and Rex are the songwriters and they have diverse themes as Christina explains: “The songs were all written at once by Rex and myself and while we built them around some joyous, almost childlike chorus hooks like counting, spelling, chanting and nonsense syllables, something deeper started happening underneath it all. Imagery and themes kept surfacing over and over again. Omens, ravens and crows, snakes, cats, our own band name, October and ultimately our semi-utopian destination of Octoberland… references to myths, literature, folklore and modern media as part of a unifying continuum. So much started tying the songs together that it felt as much like world-building as songwriting, and we were so fascinated by the way they were informing each other that the process became part of the theme and the journey, too.


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