The Deslondes to roll out new album “Roll It Out”

Photo: Bobbi Rich

The Deslondes will return with new album “Roll It Out” on 6th September 2024 via New West Records. The 13-song set was produced by Andrija Tokic & The Deslondes and recorded at the Bombshelter in East Nashville.  “Roll It Out” follows 2022’s critically well received  “Ways & Means”.

“Roll It Out” is their first album with new drummer Howe Pearson (previously a touring member for Hurray for the Riff Raff). All songs were written by The Deslondes with the exception of ‘Drifter’s Wife. (J.J. Cale). The album also features guest vocals by Twain (Mat Davidson) and horn arrangements by Tuba Skinny. “Roll It Out” recaptures the crackling energy of the band’s early days but also reflects the new perspective of age and maturity. The band’s John James Tourville, one of their five songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, says “It reminds me of back when we were starting out, before we were even the Deslondes—back when we were the Tumbleweeds. It’s like we’re moving forward to get to where we were.”

“Roll It Out” will be available across digital platforms, CD, and standard black vinyl. A limited & hand-numbered 001-200 Coke Bottle Clear vinyl edition will be available via Vinyl Me, Please, while a limited to 300 splatter colour vinyl edition will be available via Vinyl Cup. A limited ‘Orleans Orange’ colour vinyl edition will be available via Independent Retailers worldwide. Pre-orders are open now via New West Records.

The Deslondes released the video for one of the album’s highlights ‘Take Me Back’. Directed by Joshua Shoemaker, the clip features footage filmed throughout the band’s nearly two-decade existence. Doores says, “When you’re in the middle of wrapping up an album, it’s easy to get lost in the details & deadlines and lose sight of the footsteps, friends & experiences that brought you to where you’re at and what you’re working on. When Joshua Shoemaker told me he had just unearthed a bunch of footage from wayyyy back in the day, I agreed that would suit the song perfectly”.

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