The March Divide “The Funk That You’re In” – Listen

It’s not that kind of funk that Jared Putnam is singing about – it’s the other kind, the kind where a person is in a constant state of confusion and inability to progress in any positive way.  Although the track itself is kinda funky.  The message though is a clear one: “I’ve been watching your slow collapse for years / you climb up to the top just to slide right back here / all the while crying that it’s not fair /…..but do you really have to drink so much? / maybe don’t do all those drugs / and give yourself a fighting chance for once and not mess it all up.”

‘The Funk That You’re In’ is taken from Putnam’s fifth album as The March Divide, called ‘cinq‘ which is out on the 23rd of this month.   It’s a home-recorded collection – of course – with friends adding bass and drums remotely.  It’s helping to keep the band going, just about, but as Putnam ruefully notes “I am very much looking forward to forgetting and moving on from the wrath of what still might end my career.  Recording these songs was something I was able to do to get my mind off of all that. What came out is a real hodgepodge of who I am as a writer.

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