Video: Rachel Sermanni “Swallow Me”

Musically and visually simple, in the best possible sense, here is ‘Swallow Me’ from Rachel Sermanni.  The unfussy approach puts the emphasis on the beautiful vocal melody and the sensitive lyrics and themes.  There’s an  understated gentleness in Sermanni’s delivery that is compelling and disarmingly effective.  The single is the title track from Sermanni’s forthcoming EP, which explores her journey to motherhood.  For the most part, this was written on an American tour while pregnant.  In a sense, it begins towards the end of the spiritual journey Sermanni was on, composed just prior to the birth.

Sermanni says of the song: “This song is me asking for some sort of relief, or maybe release. I’m basically asking that the universe give me a break or, at least, a pat on the back. Some form of divine acknowledgement of the heavy lifting I’d been doing (physically and psychologically) in coming to surrender into the changes – of becoming a Ma – and finding love in what felt like a scary situation. In its entirety, with the chorus woven in, it is a balm in that it accepts that this path is my path.”

The collection of songs on the EP furthers this theme and gives voice to all the complex emotions and thoughts Sermanni experienced during pregnancy, including fear for the future and a sense of loss for the lifestyle that she would have to leave behind.  Her life had focused on her own needs and whims, a full life of creativity, love and travel.  She continues: “The thread that weaves most clearly throughout this collection is one of letting go. Jellyfish go where the current flows. It takes courage to be passive. If you can accept everything, you can embody the jellyfish.”  There’s a vulnerability and confessional honesty to Sermanni’s songs that makes them relatable.

Look out for the new EP and, while you’re waiting, take in the absorbing ‘Swallow Me’.

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