Video Premiere: Arborist “The Mountain Will Come To You”

The plan had been to re-record two songs for a double A-side single – with a string accompaniment making them sound significantly different.  And then, like everyone else, Mark McCambridge (a.k.a Arborist) found that Covid had come into his life.  This led to a slight change of plan – the songs were completed at home and prepared for release initially digitally with ‘The Mountain Will Come To You‘ out on October 9th  and ‘A Heart In Minor‘ on November 6th.  The pair will also get a physical release as a limited edition double A-Side 7″ on 24th October as part of the third instalment of Record Store Day 2020.

By a happy co-incidence in these bleakest of times Arborist had picked two of his more optimistic songs, with the feel that things might actually turnout OK.

Northern Ireland’s Arborist put out the most recent album, ‘A Northern View‘ at the start of the year and suffice to say it was well-received – you can read the review here.

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