Track Premiere: Crash Taylor “Idlewild”

With a burst of melodic folk-rock Crash Taylor begins an examination of his situation and where he might want to go in life.  And it doesn’t seem that things are so bad: “it’s quiet enough that all the voices in me have a chance, have a chance to say what they want to be.”   Safe in his solitude Crash Taylor takes an optimistic look to the future, and appreciates anew the things with which he is surrounded.  An end to fears – embrace life: it’s not such a bad mantra.

Idelwild‘ is a song taken from Crash Taylor’s new album ‘Retired Outlaw.‘  Crash has been making music since he took up the banjo at the age of five, quickly becoming an active participant in his family’s traditional music scene. Whether in family life, social occasions or holidays the focus was always centered around music. His first public performance was at the age of eight with the family band, Generation Gap, performing at ice cream parlors and church and town gatherings.   His teenage years saw him translate this experience into the rock world.   And the rest, well, that’s history….

….and why ‘Retired Outlaw‘?  In his teenage years Crash Taylor started a sideline which involved the selling of marijuana, a story he’s novelised in his new book ‘Pot Dot Com‘ which, he is at pains to point out, is a novel and not an autobiography.

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