Track Premiere: Katie Dahl “Since I Was Eight”

Photo by Wolfskull Creative.

Katie Dahl is a folk singer rooted in Wisconson – her family have lived  on the Wisconsin peninsula for 175 years.  With four albums to her name she has built a reputation for mixing unflinching authenticiy with a disarming wit.  Her latest work though moves into a more directly personal space, touching on issues such as anxiety, body image and the challenges of growing up queer in an evangelical church.

Today’s song premiere deals with the thorny issue of body image – and the way society starts to exert pressures to be a certain way from a very young age.  As Katie Dahl explains “”I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was eight” is the first line of this song, which is, in my opinion, the most vulnerable song on the record. I–and so many other people I know–have struggled mightily (and often silently) with body image throughout my life. This song brings that pain out into the open and looks at it in the light of day. “Since I Was Eight” elicits more post-show discussions (and tears) from audience member than any song I’ve ever written.”

Katie’s path to guitar based folk music was an unusual one – as  a college freshman in Minnesota she slipped on a patch of sidewalk ice and broke her wrist. Suddenly unable to play the oboe in her college orchestra, Katie used her newfound free time to learn guitar, teaching herself chord shapes as she strummed the strings with her stiff right hand. Nine years later, that icy day has proven to be a blessing in disguise, leading Katie into a life of work that Dar Williams calls “the very best kind of songwriting.”  Katie is currently working with renowned producer Julie Wolf on a new album slated for release in early 2023. Her previous album, ‘Wildwood,’ was produced by JT Nero (Birds of Chicago) and features Allison Russell.

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