Track Premiere: Ken Pomeroy “Flannel Cowboy”

Photo: Wendy Pomeroy

Ken Pomeroy’s second album ‘Christmas Lights in April‘ is out on Horton Records on 10th December, and remarkably, considering the maturity of the song writing and performance on the album, Ken Pomeroy is 19.  Some of the songs were written some years ago, Pomeroy notes them as dating to when she was 14 to 18.  And just to make a little more emphatic the skill that Pomeroy has on display, it’s worth also noting that it was recorded by Jason Weinheimer at Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock, AR and Ken, along with her father Skippy and Kyle Reid, road tripped to Arkansas for a weekend to record the entire record.  A weekend.

Ken Pomeroy is a Cherokee singer-songwriter from Moore, Oklahoma, and her singing is that one thing that we all crave to hear – distinctive.  It intrigues and pulls the listener in for closely observed moments, or stories of desperation – or love, or both.   Reflecting on her growth since debut release ‘Hallways‘, Pomeroy has said: “my abilities as a songwriter have grown in ways I never thought I would since the release of ‘Hallways.’ Previously I used a lot of metaphor to mask what I was actually trying to say and left it up to the listener to decide what their take on it was and how it resonated with them. With this record, it is the transition period of my songwriting. I have recently tried to write more honest songs and be okay with people knowing what I am feeling. I have struggled all of my life with the ‘constantly being seen’ aspect of being a musician. Being young and not exactly sure how you feel is difficult in and of itself. Writing songs and having other people perceive your feelings that you aren’t even sure about is a whole other experience. I was writing a lot with an outside perspective throughout Hallways and with Christmas Lights in April I was self reflecting and trying to get to know myself.

Talking about today’s song she told us:”Flannel Cowboy is about the first time I believed I had hurt someone I was truly in love with. It transitions to the story of Rip and Beth in the show “Yellowstone”.  I finished the second verse with my step mom in West Yellowstone, MT and then the last verse in Parma, ID. The recording we ended up using is a version I sang in the back room of a lake house, and I wasn’t aware I was being recorded. It captures me showing the song to a family member for the first time; raw, innocent, and excited to see what she thought. Listening back, you get to hear me playing the song and not performing it. I hope you all dig it.”

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