Track Premiere: Moon Shine “I Tried to Keep On Loving You”

Photo: Ted Barron

Moon Shine (aka Angie Glasscock) is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter whose debut album ‘The Land in Between‘ will be hitting the streets on November 11th.  The name Moon Shine was chosen because, Angie explains, “The Moon is a female symbol, the name ‘Moon Shine’ refers to women shining.”  And it’s certainly true that this is a shimmery take on the country end of Americana, bringing to mind the approach of Emmylou Harris or say, for a more modern comparison, Courtney Marie Andrews.

Today’s song has a late night weariness to it, as a dream of love gently fades away.  There’s a simplicity to the song that just goes to make it feel more authentic, and there’s some truth within it.  Angie Glasscock told Americana UK that “‘I Tried to Keep on Loving You’ is the first song I ever wrote. It’s the story of the first time I fell in love. I wanted to tap into the emotions that had once overwhelmed me: joy, hope, desire, rejection and heartbreak.”

Angie attributes her first musical influences to her mother, who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. “Music was always around the house, and my mother loved to sing and dance. She did this funny dance that used to embarrass me, called clogging. It’s a little bit like tap dancing, mostly just moving your feet in rhythmic patterns, while the rest of your body stays relatively still.

After dropping out of college in her third year, it dawned on Angie that she might be an artist. “I was very withdrawn and very much in my own head,” she explains. “If I had a different family life, I think I might have been a songwriter at a younger age. I wanted to express myself, but somehow I just wasn’t ready. I never thought I had the ability, but then once the first song came, I wanted to keep writing. “I’m looking forward to sharing all this music live, for the very first time.”

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