Track Premiere: Sarah Morris “Light”

Photo: Emily Isakson

Today’s song comes from a new seasonal EP by Sarah Morris – ‘merry, little, light‘ is a collection of four standards and this new, solstice themed, original song by Sarah Morris.  ‘merry, little, light‘ is Morris’ first holiday EP – it’s a collaborative effort with long time bandmate Lars-Erik Larson, and is released on November 25th.  The idea for the EP came from follow up discussions between Sarah and Lars after the completion of the Covid-time-response EP ‘between here and there’, which featured 4 remotely recorded duets with 4 musical partners.  Sarah and Lars swapped music recommendations and discussed the need for more ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in the world.  The Covid pandemic had changed things for Sarah Morris as she explains: “Prior to 2020, I was a die hard fan of tinsel-covered, holly-jolly-Brenda-Lee holiday music.  Two pandemic holiday seasons left my heart yearning for something a bit scruffier, smaller.  Something merry, yes – but little, and light.” Something like the song ‘light‘, which celebrates the glimmers of light that make it through in the darkest of night – be they physical or metaphorical.  ‘Light‘ very much has that feel of looking out of a window at a snow covered landscape (it may seem that we have just about lost it, but they still have snow in Minnesota) – and waiting for the magic of the dawn.

Sarah Morris shared some thoughts with Americana UK about the EP, and this song in particular: “Over the last few winters, the early darkness that we experience here in Minnesota has hit me differently than it did when I was younger.  I’ve experienced it a bit as an invitation to lean into the stillness that is offered by my quieter surroundings.  The way we make our way through this time of year by bringing our own light, via sparkly decorations, or simple candles – I think that is such a lovely little metaphor for hope.  I’m always, always here for hope...”

This also seems like a good time to relieve the anxiety of the readership – we know this is a hard time of year and you just don’t need more to worry about.  Yes – the beloved seasonal feature Jingle Bells Fridays will return in December with a roundup of the best in Americana/Folk/Roots/just stuff this writer likes Winterval themed music.  It’s a holiday gift from us to you – we’re so generous.  So look out for it.  In December.  On…err…Fridays.

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