Track Premiere: Terry Ohms “Sadness”

It’s not just the changes of timing, or the minor keys that make this new song from Terry Ohms memorable: “I’ve been told, by people who would know, I don’t have a prayer and I’m not worth ten cents.”  Yeah, it’s the lyrics.  ‘Sadness‘ just drips with memorable lyrics that embody desperation, a real desperation with no hope:  “lately I’ve been trying to make sense of myself / But oh I got nowhere.”   

Terry Ohms (real name Wes McDonald) has been busy over the last couple of years – ‘Sadness‘ is from his upcoming album ‘Smooth Sailing Forever‘, his second album of 2020 and his third in two years.  When he isn’t releasing solo albums – and ‘Smooth Sailing Forever‘ is his eighth – he’s playing in bands – Terry Ohms was the principle songwriter and singer/guitarists for Vulture Whale and The Ohms, and he is currently the drummer for dream-psych-rock outfit People Years.  And when he isn’t busy doing that he runs Cornelius Chapel Records.

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