Track Premiere: Will Stewart “Bad Memory”

Photo: Garrett Cardoso

Will Stewart can be described as a “south of Nashville” singer – in that he hails from Montgomery’s river region, and moved up through west Alabama and over to Birmingham, had a brief stint in Tennessee before tumbling back over Red Mountain to settle back in east Birmingham.  He’s produced an album ‘Slow Life‘ which he recorded in the heart of east Birmingham – it features Stewart’s core band of Ross Parker (bass), Tyler McGuire (drums), Janet Simpson (vocals) with help from Daniel Raine (keys) and was engineered by Brad Timko.

Will Stewart gave us his thoughts on the song: “I read an article a few years ago that struck me – mostly the part where a lady settled into an extremely peaceful state from memory loss. Obviously, an affliction like that can be completely awful for loved ones and that person, but the abstract idea of a bad memory bringing on happiness and peace was beautifully ironic, in my view. So this is a song about somehow summoning a bad memory in order to achieve freedom from all the torments of the past.  Also, I’m a sucker for a nice mid-tempo groove – good driving music. This fits into that category, I think.

Slow Life’ will be released on August 5th via Cornelius Chapel Records.

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