Tyler Ramsey “New Lost Age” – the world is unknowable

Photo: Parker J. Pfister

Tyler Ramsey returns with a new album and a somewhat new sound.  On ‘New Lost Ages‘ – whose title track we’re sharing today – Tyler Ramsey has formed a power trio with bassist Morgan Henderson (Fleet Foxes) and drummer Sean Lane (Ann Wilson) and has hooked Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty) as producer.  The sound is, perhaps unsurprisingly, as much rock and psych-indie-folk as it is the strong singer-songwriter we’ve come to expect from Tyler Ramsey.  Speaking of the album he has said: “This is an album of hope and this is an album of despair. It is an album of shadows and light. It is about the calm that follows the storm and it’s about the dark clouds when they roll back in again.”  However there’s a little less optimism on display when he explains about this song in particular, saying that it is “about letting go of innocence and facing the reality of a society that is in decline. One that is refusing to change course or even pause itself,” Ramsey says. “It’s searching for hope in all of this. It’s wanting my children to be able to experience this world with wonder and joy and not have to carry the weight of our mistakes.

The new album ‘New Lost Ages‘ will be released on February 9th 2024.

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