Tyler Ramsey, St Pancras Old Church, London, 20th May 2019

As they had an hour earlier for support Alex Carson, the sounds of cans cracking open greeted Tyler Ramsey as he made his way on stage at this wonderfully intimate London venue. Tyler Ramsey is tall and rangy, with a beard almost as long as his hair but when he strapped on his acoustic guitar it becomes obvious that here was a man who was here to play. Launching immediately into the extended instrumental ‘Raven Shadow‘ showed off his fantastic finger-picking, and when it merged seamlessly into ‘1,000 Blackbirds‘ Tyler Ramsey filled the pin-drop silent space with evocative music that felt as old as the building it was being performed in. There’s a true mystical folk imagery to the refrain “I call a thousand Blackbirds to come raining from the sky, three hundred for your trouble, three hundred one for mine, and for the pain I caused you three hundred ninety nine”, it just hangs there starkly as his guitar notes ring out. Continue reading “Tyler Ramsey, St Pancras Old Church, London, 20th May 2019”