Video: Colin Macleod feat. Sheryl Crow “33”

Back in 2018, Sheryl Crow and Colin Macleod toured together and she has been a supporter of his work ever since.  Here, on ’33’, Crow provides a gorgeous vocal that dances around Macleod’s characterful, storytelling voice.  Over a delicate, fluttering guitar, they sing of the way ambition runs into reality, the way our dreams make way for the lives we settle into.  Through smart, relatable lyrics, Macleod poses life questions: “Will you make it to the top // Just to fall back down a little older?”  But he still relishes a sense of freedom and urges us to, “…focus on the things that make us smile.”  The video, shot by Mike Guest, picks up on this need for liberty and shows Macleod surfing.

Macleod says of the song: “33 is a song dedicated to the early mid-life crisis. I think it might be called a quarter life crisis? Wondering if you should have worked a little harder or tried a little more, or realising there’s nothing much wrong with still feeling like a teenager when all your pals are settling down and having grown up lives. Happily I don’t seem to struggle with this affliction, I find it very easy to let life roll along.  It was great to have Sheryl Crow duet with me on this song. I always had this song in mind for a duet but didn’t think I would ever be lucky enough to have Sheryl join me, I’m so grateful for her taking the time to do it.”

Macleod has just released a new album, ‘Hold Fast’, which seems to follow the fictional narrative of a man who leaves his island home in pursuit of ambition, only to return when he realises everything he needs is right there.  This narrative isn’t so far from Macleod’s own life, of course.  These songs are beautifully crafted, arranged and produced and certainly worthy of checking out.  Enjoy.

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