Video Interview: Oliver Wood on “Fat Cat Silhouette”

Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

You don’t have to know what you want to do only what you don’t want to do.

The Wood Brothers have built their audience and reputation the traditional way by road work and regularly releasing albums during their nearly 20-year career. Their music is an amalgam of American roots music, taking in blues, jazz, country and rock and roll, but always with their own take on the music that originally inspired them. In 2023 they released their 9th studio album, “Heart Is The Hero”, which was a back-to-basics acoustic analogue recording that brought their live sound into the studio.  Guitarist Oliver Wood has kept the analogue concept going for his second solo album, “Fat Cat Silhouette” but upped the quirkiness of the soundscape. Americana UK’s Martin Johnson caught up with Oliver Wood at his Nashville home to talk about “Fat Cat Silhouette” and why now is the time to release his second solo album. A quick look at the walls of Oliver Wood’s room gives a very good indication of where he is coming from musically. He also shares his views on what he thinks constitutes American roots music and the importance of Black music to americana. He remembers how it took a while when he was a kid to realise not every dad played the guitar because his dad was good enough to play guitar with Joan Baez and John Hartford. He also says the band really enjoyed their recent UK shows and are looking forward to getting a return visit organised.

Oliver Wood’s “Fat Cat Silhouette” is out now on Honey Jar/Thirty Tigers Records.

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