Video: Peter Alexander Jobson “Burn the Ration Books of Love”

Photo credit: Paul Husband

Be absorbed by the latest video from Northumberland singer-songwriter Peter Alexander Jobson.  ‘Burn the Ration Books of Love’ is an incredibly atmospheric song with an epic feel that is matched by the sheer drama of the video.  Directed by James Edward Cook, it’s visually stunning, full of powerful symbolism.  The moody instrumentation is the perfect foundation for Jobson’s excellent vocal. His voice, deep and characterful, is that of a true storyteller.

As a child, Jobson lived in a remote Northumberland fishing village that he once set on fire.  For 40 years, the story of what happened has remained a mystery but, with the release of his new album, Jobson has a confession:  “I was 11 or 12, out cycling with an older kid I grew up with, and we’d gone to the shop to buy fags. We went to the sand dunes to smoke and were playing with matches. Next thing the dunes caught fire – then the golf course, and about two miles of the coast, a massive conflagration heading towards the village. We jumped on our bikes and pedalled as far as we could and as fast as we could to get away. Then we hid on the top of the hill overlooking the village and watched as half the village came to help put it out. We waited until it got dark fearing the worst – that we would be locked up or beaten by our parents. We almost burned the village down! And I’ve never told anyone before – not even my parents.”

This is the title track from the upcoming ‘Burn the Ration Books of Love’, Jobson’s debut album.  He says of the record: “‘Burn The Ration Books of Love’ is an album full of observations and reflections on the life choices I have made and the wages of the future dealt to me by those choices. I am passing on my experiences as I would if we were both sat together and the silence became unwelcome.”  These are thoughtful, sensitively-written songs that tackle challenging themes with real emotion and intensity.

Over the years, Jobson has been known as the bass guitarist and keyboard player in popular trio I Am Kloot.  Now, he delivers really impressive solo material.  Look out for the new record on 15th November.

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