Video: Pokey LaFarge “Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone”

Photo credit: Eliot Lee Hazel

Looking for a song for the summer?  Look no further than this catchy new single from Pokey LaFarge.  It’s upbeat, full of summer rhythms and has a tune that will lodge in your musical brain.  The tongue-in-cheek video will make you think of all those summer holidays you can’t have.  As you watch, you sense that LaFarge and friends had a great time putting this visual together.

‘Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone’ is a genuine and positive response to the pandemic and the isolation of lockdowns.  LaFarge sings of living like a butterfly because: “You spend too much time locked up in that room // Worried about what you was gonna do // People are dying, friends are far away // Later is always too late, later is always too late…”  It’s a powerful message about being glad for what you have, making the most of things and living for the moment.

This is the first release from forthcoming album ‘In the Blossom of Their Shade’ due out on 10th September.  Expectations are high after the success of the well-received ‘Rock Bottom Rhapsody’ in 2020.  LaFarge had to abandon a tour when the pandemic hit but he used his time well, putting together a set of songs with an entirely different feel.  The new record is intentionally like the soundtrack to the perfect summer afternoon.  LaFarge says of ‘In the Blossom of Their Shade’: “This album is a result of my 2020 experience. Before the pandemic, I was in a dark place but the pandemic actually created the much-needed space for me to reflect. Turns out that being completely sedentary for once was a good thing. I found peace in the stillness. I was able to recalibrate what it is I do and why I’m doing it. Who I’m to do it with and most importantly, who I’m doing it for.”  From this video, it certainly looks like LaFarge is doing it because he’s having fun.  Enjoy.

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Thanks Andrew for the Pokey La Farge video, I love it when I come across something new and worth listening to. That’s why I love this site. Looking forward to the new album’s release