Video Premiere: James Mastro “Someday Someone Will Turn Your Head Around”

Photo credit: Jini Sachse

Upbeat and uplifting, the new single from James Mastro is an anthem for the weary and downtrodden, for anyone carrying a heavy load.  Ultimately, ‘Someday Someone Will Turn Your Head Around’ is full of hope – we all face trials and challenges but, if we can work together and support one another, things just might get better.  Mastro delivers his vocal with energy and character; there’s just enough weary grit in his voice and the catchy melody is elevated by the hymn-like backing vocals from the Jersey City New Heights Gospel Group and instrumental layers, including Hammond B3 organ.  The song features a band of talented players: Andy Burton (John Mayer) on keys, Jeremy Chatzky (Steve Earle) on bass, Dave Schramm (The Schramms) on guitar, and Ron Metz (Tammy Faye Starlight) on drums.

Mastro says of the song: “We all need some sort of salvation at some point or other – whether it’s from a bad day at work, problems in a relationship, trying to pay bills. Sometimes solace comes unexpectedly: a song on the radio, a stranger smiling at you, a child reaching for his mother’s hand. A bad day can suddenly become a good one when words of encouragement come out of the car speakers, or you hear a singer’s voice that has the same rasp you sometimes feel in your own voice. I wrote this song for a session I was doing with a large ensemble, and wanted to capture that same feeling: you’re not alone, we’re in this together, and though things may seem tough now, you never know when someone’s gonna turn your head around.”

The video, directed by Mastro, was filmed in Hoboken, New Jersey and features a crowd of his friends, reinforcing the theme that we are stronger together.  It has the feel of a union rally or revivalist meeting, led by an inspirational figure who can stir the gathering people to take positive action.  Mastro says of the video: “The video’s storyline blurs the lines between revival meeting, union and political rallies. Sometimes in a crowd is when someone can feel the most alone. But there’s also strength in numbers, and this video reinforces that we are not alone, and change for the better can come when one least expects it.”  Many people will associate with the feelings of those in the crowd – we could be the ones holding up those signs.  The result is involving and engaging.

‘Someday Someone Will Turn Your Head Around’ is from Mastro’s brand new album ‘Dawn of a New Error’, which was produced by Tony Shanahan, Patti Smith’s bassist and co-producer.  Having been Ian Hunter’s guitarist for 23 years, Mastro was more than ready to return to the front as songwriter and singer for his own project.  Enjoy this optimistic, hopeful introduction to the new record.

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