Video Premiere: Mary McGuinness “Double Vision”

Photo credit: Alysse Gafkjen

Here’s the latest single from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mary McGuinness.  The rich cultural heritage McGuinness brings to her music, along with the sheer quality of her songwriting, results in gorgeous, timeless songs that are truly captivating.  ‘Double Vision’ is one such example – beautifully arranged, with deep, warm bass and gently urgent rhythms underpinning the sweeping sonic layers.  Mary McGuinness possesses a voice that is powerful and pure and truly soars in the chorus to ‘Double Vision’.  Written with Greg Becker, the song is a captivating journey of self-discovery.  The accompanying video was directed by McGuinness herself with support with cinematography and editing from Paul Buchholz.  The kaleidoscopic effects and soft-focus feel reinforce the song’s themes and musical style.

McGuinness told AUK about the theme and story behind the song: “We are not alone. There is an invisible world. Every day as humans in this world we are asked to have faith, trust, surrender, etcetera, because life on Earth is hard. We don’t always understand what our purpose or reason for being here is – why things happen as they do. Our ‘Double Vision’ lies within us and reminds us that sometimes help comes to us in mysterious ways.  The story behind the single is I was waitressing late one night in NYC and fell asleep on the subway ride home. When I woke up, there was no one in the subway car and I walked out onto a desolate platform. I had no money on me to get home and was at a dangerous crossroads. As I stood there frozen, a man appeared next to me wearing an orange type construction vest. He said, ‘You look like you need help.’ I said, ‘I do,’ and he told me he would grab me a gypsy cab (even normal cabs wouldn’t come to the area because it was a very bad area.) All of a sudden a gypsy cab was there and as I was getting into it, I turned to ask him for his name and address so I could send him payment for the cab. He replied, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ I got in the cab and as I turned to say goodbye, there was no one there. I know my life was saved/protected that night. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before or since, but I look back on that night and it always brings me comfort to know we are not alone in this world.”

The single is taken from forthcoming album ‘Shadowcatcher’, a soulful record that was inspired by a broad range of influences.  McGuiness explains: “From the Beatles to the rock anthems of the ’70s that have resonated with me since my childhood, and reaching out to the cosmic influences that consistently ignite my imagination,’Shadowcatcher’ stands as a true reflection of the rich and diverse tapestry of my life. It extends an invitation to listeners to embark on this captivating sonic journey of exploration alongside me.”  We can expect the album – a collection of finely-written, timelessly melodic songs – in early 2024.

McGuinness has toured with Kenny Loggins and opened for well-known artists, including Train, Counting Crows, Gavin DeGraw, Donovan and Todd Rundgren.  She’s steadily built a reputation as an outstanding country and folk performer with tremendous voice.  Enjoy ‘Double Vision’ and keep a look out for the album next year.

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