Video Premiere: Swallows “The Boneyard”

Here is the video premiere of the atmospheric new single from Minneapolis, Minnesota-based band Swallows.  It’s taken from ‘In the Shadow of the Seven Stars’, an intriguing concept album due for release on 19th March 2021.  The songs narrate the story of Frances Coles, who was murdered in 1891, possibly by Jack the Ripper.  A witness to the brutal attack, who was outside the Crown and Seven Stars Pub nearby, wanted to help Frances but was too terrified to intervene and remained in the shadows of the Seven Stars.  It’s a fascinating starting point for a musical project and both the sound and the visuals capture the sombre mood. Jeff Crandall’s gritty vocal is reminiscent of Tom Waits and suitably full of character for the subject matter.  A clever addition is the voice of former band-member Toni Tinetti, who joined the other players in the studio to represent Frances Coles’ ghost.

‘In the Shadow of the Seven Stars’ has taken a long time to come together.  The songs were written after the band’s second full length album, ‘Witching & Divining’, was released in 2012, with recording starting in 2014.  A series of delays and line-up changes put the project on hold but we can soon hear the stories of Frances Cole and the witness to her murder.  Check it out.

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