Video: Steve Roberts “The Legend of England”

Steve Roberts’ new song is called ‘The Legend of England’ although Steve himself is something of a legend in his hometown of Liverpool, having previously fronted the band 16 Tambourines. He now lives in the more sedate climes of Glossop, and his new song deals with a familiar topic in recent years, the myths around English identity. He told us: “A couple of years ago I thought it might be interesting to record an album of songs themed around England and Englishness and I set to writing, researching and staring into the distance. After I had 5 or 6 songs I realised, unhappily, that I wasn’t enjoying it; the disconnect between me and the country I was born in had become too great. So instead I offer 2 songs from the now abandoned concept album about England. I mean there’s more than enough Englishness running about unchecked as it is.” Try telling that to Jim Davidson. It’s a terrific track, beautifully arranged, and at just two minutes long it’s the most concentrated goodness you’ll hear all day (apart from that Jim Davidson Brexit clip).

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