Video: The Lostines “Neon Lights”

Photo credit: Kait de Angelis

Here’s the latest single from songwriting duo Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler and Camille Wind Weatherford, also known as The Lostines.  Bright melody and busy musical layers form a refreshing sound, over which the pair’s voices blend brilliantly.  Lyrically, ‘Neon Lights’ offers an intriguing narrative that effectively conveys hazy memories and opportunities lost: “I knew your soul long ago // Life times ago before you met me // It seems that we’ve been skipping like stones for eternity // Do you remember the drive from L.A. to Denver…I should have married you in Vegas in the neon lights // In the haze of dawn when our love was young.”  It’s a feeling that many listeners will associate with – the wistful remembering of youthful lives and choices, a specific tale that delivers a universal experience.

Casey Jane says of the song: “Neon Lights is about a relationship that was tumultuous from the beginning. High highs and low lows. We took a road trip early on in our relationship—he had missed his flight from LA to play a show in Denver, and I ended up having to drive him through the night to get him there in time.  We passed Las Vegas right before dawn and he asked me to marry him as we drove by. He wanted us to stop and get married on the strip. I’ve never actually been to Vegas, only driven by that one night. But seeing the neon lights from the car as we drove through the desert at sunrise was something that always really stuck with me, windows down to stay awake.   I said no to the proposal, obviously, but we continued to have those high highs and low lows for years to follow. This song was written during a time when I was questioning how different things would have been had I said yes. Longing for moments that were a little sweeter.”

The video, directed by Leo Rauf, is a brilliant piece of artistic, cinematic storytelling that really enhances the song’s feel and lyrics.  Members of the band appear alongside their friends friends Chris Acker and Kassi Valazza in an imagining of what might have been, centred around a dreamy Las Vegas wedding sequence.

This is the second single from ‘Meet The Lostines’, the pair’s debut album, which is due for release on 26th April 2024.   The album, co-produced by Sam Doores of The Deslondes, Ross Farbe of Videoage and The Lostines is a celebration of the New Orleans music scene and the spirit of musical  collaboration and the diverse community the duo have found there since moving from Portland.  This is distinctive songwriting from a band to watch.

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