“New” Jimi Hendrix album next March.

Uncut Magazine reports (here) that 2018 will see the release of a new album by Jimi Hendrix which will include ten previously unreleased tracks.  Several will feature some or all of the group that would eventually be known as  A Band of Gypsys, and two tracks will also feature Stephen Stills.  The track list includes such staples as Mannish Boy, but a cut of Woodstock featuring the aforementioned Stephen Stills sounds interesting.  The album will be called Both Sides of the Sky, and it will be released in March on CD and vinyl. Groovy.

Gill Landry “Love rides a dark horse” (Loose Music, 2017)

Gill Landry had it all – he was in the Old Crow Medicine Show, had just won his second Grammy with that band, and moreover he was in love – not just in love but all set to be married. Feeling a need to move on musically he decided to go solo, recorded an album and hit the road with it. And then the bottom fell out of his world – the girl left, heartache moved in and seemed to have settled down to stay. The songs on this new album reflect this turn of fortune’s wheel – and also acted as a form of therapy for those bruised emotions. Continue reading “Gill Landry “Love rides a dark horse” (Loose Music, 2017)”

First acts announced for Cambridge Folk Festival

Photographed in Nashville, 2/3/05

Always a good idea once the tickets have gone on sale – as they did ten days ago!  If you’re the cautious type who wants some idea what kind of festival Rhiannon Giddens will be curating then we can let you know the first headliners, as well as a few others.  Following on from the news of his first album in thirteen years John Prine will be a headliner – and so will Patti Smith, Janis Ian and Rosanne Cash.   And there’s more ! Continue reading “First acts announced for Cambridge Folk Festival”

Rebecca Clamp & Hans Wessels “Lit Up with Sorrow” (Folkwit Records, 2017)

Rebecca Clamp – here collaborating with her partner Hans Wessels – writes songs that are like three minute windows into her life, with subject matters relating to her feelings in a particular instant, summaries of conversations at cross-purposes, pencil sketches of friendships and relationships. Her unrhyming verse is accompanied by knowingly quirky arrangements leaning predominantly on piano and ukulele and expanded with splashes of electronica.  Continue reading “Rebecca Clamp & Hans Wessels “Lit Up with Sorrow” (Folkwit Records, 2017)”

The Wailin’ Jennys “Fifteen” (True North Records,2017)

Six years after their last album The Wailin’ Jennys (Nicky Mehta, Ruth Moody, & Heather Masse) reconvened for a five day recording session. The title? Well – it’s fifteen years since the original trio (Carla Luft had the gig before Heather Masse) got together for a one-off show in a Winnipeg guitar shop. Once they realised just how well their voices blended in gorgeous three part harmonies it made more sense to carry on performing together – a decision that led on to two Juno awards and a clutch of well received albums. Continue reading “The Wailin’ Jennys “Fifteen” (True North Records,2017)”

Tom Russell, The 100 Club, London, 1st December 2017

It doesn’t pay to be late to a Tom Russell gig, you might miss the opening act who takes the stage to do a little “guess that tune” as he plays snippets of road songs. A little bit of Pancho and Lefty, a little snippet of Guy Clark, it could be anything, even Leonard Cohen.  Since he’s a gruff voiced seventy year old American in a cowboy hat with an easy line of patter then you really don’t want to miss the support. Having warmed up both the audience and his own voice it was time for Tom Russell to emerge from his carefully crafted disguise as himself – a gruff voiced seventy year old American in a cowboy hat, with an easy line of patter. Continue reading “Tom Russell, The 100 Club, London, 1st December 2017”

Cayden Wemple “Better” – Listen

A sure sign that you’re getting older is that, having given up new Dylans, the world is now looking for the new Conor Oberst – and on this track off his upcoming EP, Car Crash From an Aerial View, due out next February, Californian Cayden Wemple certainly strays into early Bright Eyes territory.  Alienation, apathy, emotional ambivalence.    Check, check, check.


Dori Freeman “Letters Never Read” (Blue Hens Music, 2017)

If you’re looking for a vocal that’s as clear as a mountain stream then Dori Freeman has the vocal you’re chasing. On Letters Never Read she defines a modern form of Appalachian country – there’s no affectation here but there’s a lot of variety. Her back story is worth
recounting again – growing up in the Appalachian city of Galax (population 7,000) in a traditional music family she rebelled against these constraints by falling for the wildly modern sounds of Teddy Thompson going so far as to dropping him an email accompanied by a sample of her singing. Continue reading “Dori Freeman “Letters Never Read” (Blue Hens Music, 2017)”

Soft Fangs “Honey Colony” – Listen

Soft Fangs is the musical project of Brooklyn-based songwriter, John Lutkevich. Having previously released an EP and a debut album, Lutkevich’s latest release Fractures saw a change in the recording process, as he explains “The LP is a collection of songs that I wrote over the past year in fragments and then recorded in three days during a snowstorm in Maine…it’s the first album where I’ve enlisted the help of others to engineer, so I let my good friends Bradford Krieger & Chaimes Parker (Big Nice Studio) handle all of the recording aspects, and I just got to run from instrument to instrument.” The result is the place where pop meets hauntingly dark imagery and sounds.