Julian Taylor “Ballad Of A Young Troubadour” – Listen

When we featured his song ‘The Ridge‘ back in April I think it’s fair to say we were pretty impressed – and here we are again with his latest single ‘Ballad of a Young Troubadour‘ and again it’s impressive.  It’s a song that sees Julian Taylor reflecting on his earliest musical outings at seventeen, and then again with his first band Staggered Crossing. Continue reading “Julian Taylor “Ballad Of A Young Troubadour” – Listen”

Jenny O. “Even If I Tried” – Listen

Jenny O. has released a new song every two weeks since announcing her third full-length record ‘New Truth and her signing to Mama Bird Recording Co.  ‘Even if I Tried‘ has a fuzzy psychedelic feel to it, but the lyrics belie the sunny aspect of the sound. It’s about enough is really enough. Continue reading “Jenny O. “Even If I Tried” – Listen”

Nilsson “Jump Into The Fire” – Listen

This is how you do it – if you’re a more than talented songwriter with a fantastic vocal range, and a mastery of the subtlety of phrasing. And you happen to have Klaus Voorman, Jimmy Webb, Herbie Flowers and Jim Gordon amongst others in the studio with you. ‘Jump into the Fire‘ was the second single from ‘Nilsson Schmilsson‘ and with its layered guitars, groovy bass and prominent drum solo couldn’t have been more different from the ultimate heartbreak ballad ‘Without You‘ that it followed up. Continue reading “Nilsson “Jump Into The Fire” – Listen”

Mary Chapin Carpenter has a new album

Her first new release since 2018, ‘The Dirt and The Stars‘ is the upcoming album from Mary Chapin Carpenter – it’ll hit all good music vendors on August 7th and is released through Lambent Light Records via Thirty Tigers.  Like the previous release ‘Sometimes Just The Sky‘, the new album was produced by Ethan Johns at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Bath.  Turns out the southwest of England is the perfect place to find an Americana sound that is both lush and intimate. Continue reading “Mary Chapin Carpenter has a new album”

Golden Oak “Maple Spring” – Listen

Siblings Zak and Lena Kendall make up the Maine based GoldenOak released the gently grooving folk-tinged EP ‘Foxgloves‘ last year and have a new release coming together for later this year.  Their latest single is ‘Maple Spring‘ which benefits from semi-shamanistic percussion, a brace of clarinets and a sweet brass section.  Continue reading “Golden Oak “Maple Spring” – Listen”

What should I do, Americana UK?

Sometimes in the advice game one can start to wonder what you’re doing.  Really, sorting out intermittent letter deliveries through musical advice like we did last time, is that what it’s all about?  But often a small problem is just the way in for something bigger, so it wasn’t such a surprise when Paul Simon, on the pretext of having left a notebook of lyrics behind, re-entered the office.  And he explained that he was having worrying dreams, that his life wasn’t going right and then he put his finger on something we felt we could actually help with.  “Maybe“, he said, “I think too much?”  Continue reading “What should I do, Americana UK?”

Market Junction “Nebraska” – Listen

You could be mistaken for thinking that Market Junction hail from a particular place in the USA.  Hell, the hints are right there in the lyrics: “Unless a man’s in love with wind or dust or corn / There ain’t no reason to stay in Nebraska / I’d go home, but I don’t know / If a place like that exists anymore.”  So.  You’ve guessed it ?  You haven’t guessed it, because Market Junction are a Texan band. Continue reading “Market Junction “Nebraska” – Listen”

Larkin Poe “Back Down South” – Listen

Larkin Poe rip a rock shaped hole through this song, ably assisted by Tyler Bryant on lead guitar.  It’s something of an homage to the origins of rock and roll and the influence that Southern musicians had – Little Richard gets a big nod early on. Continue reading “Larkin Poe “Back Down South” – Listen”

Three Queens in Mourning “Stablemate” – Listen

We’ve mentioned before that, of course, we love all the Tracks that get featured on a more or less daily basis – but love is not a constant.   There are gradations, some is the love of just a day, some is the love that grows slow, and some is the love that is instantaneous and forever.  Meet Three Queens in Mourning and fall in love forever. Continue reading “Three Queens in Mourning “Stablemate” – Listen”

Will Hoge “The Curse” – Listen

Showing a proactive approach to social distancing – ain’t no-one sharing this bench and still maintaining a 2.0 m safe distance – Will Hoge shows through every action that he’s taking no chances.  ‘The Curse‘ is the lead single from his upcoming album on Thirty Tigers ‘Tiny Little Movies‘ and finds the Nashville based rocker grasping at straws of freedom. Continue reading “Will Hoge “The Curse” – Listen”