Audrey And Hugh “Witness (Hey Ho)” – Listen

Audrey has no neck, Hugh has no body – that’s one mutilated guitar they’re holding between them.  Similar twisted evil infects ‘Witness (Hey Ho)‘ the lead single from the duo’s new album ‘Sisterman‘ which hits the streets tomorrow.

It’s a properly rocking folk murder ballad of knife fights and girls who can be found “drinking blood by the hanging tree / wearing my mama’s wedding gown.”  It’s the kind of imagery that you’d associate with a schlock western vampire flick – and it has been married to an ass-kickin’ Larkin Poe rock out with just a savouring of Lumineers shout out drum-kick folk.  That “Hey Ho” is not in the song title by accident.

And who are Audrey and Hugh? Well, Audrey MacAlpine and Hugh Trimble met in Brooklyn years before re-connecting in Nashville where their album which mixes folk, classic country, and Americana influences was recorded.  They explain the mix like this – “it’s been hard for us to find a niche or a genre to fit into, because we like to have our cake and eat it too. We both came up busking and playing live, on the street and at open mics, so we see a lot of value in variety. We’re finding that the cohesion comes in theme and spirit, not necessarily in sticking to a genre.

Photo by Oceanna Colgan.

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