AUK’s Chain Gang: Jason Isbell “Different Days”

For some reason I was late to the Jason Isbell party, I’m not sure why but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes!  However, better late than never and what better continuation of last week’s Chain Gang which featured Hannah Grace’s ‘Different Kind of Love’ than another different – ‘Different Days’ from Isbell’s best solo album ‘Southeastern’.  ‘Different Days’ reflects on his pre-sober life and the lyrics are clear and self-explanatory and this live version from the Ryman Auditorium 2017 is a gem.

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Resident of the frozen NE of Scotland, with a penchant for climbing high mountains and exploring crazy countries that others avoid. I also sorta like music.
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Tris Robinson

Great choice, my current favourite artist, one of many I’ve found without the aid of any radio airplay help! There is so much blandness out there, played constantly, it seems there is a conspiracy to keep the bland cartel intact.