Blackwater Railroad Company “Clarity” – I can see clearly now…

Photo: Forrest Leo

Clarity‘ is the upbeat new song from the slightly ominously entitled new album ‘A Lovely Place to Die’, which will be released on July 12, from Blackwater Railroad Company.  The Alaskan band is made up of Tyson T. Davis (acoustic guitar, lead vocals); Kyle Comeau (keyboards and vocals); Ben Sayers (bass guitar and vocals); Braden Rollins (tenor saxophone, additional vocals), and Will Balcao (drums) and features frequent guest appearances by fiddle players Rachel DeTemple and Ryan McLaughlin.  Blackwater Railroad Company have been playing for a decade now, and the new album frequently draws on their lives in Seward, Alaska, a deep-water harbor and port city in southern Alaska that is a gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park.   That sounds idyllic, but Davis explains there’s a flip side to their reality “We have extremely beautiful summers and dark, cold winters. That has, at times, stressed our relationships with loved ones, substances and productivity.

‘Clarity’ is itself a reflection of this dark and shade with Davis explaining that: “‘Clarity’ is the story of the moment I realized I wanted to marry my wife – we went to the grocery store one day and she started pulling boxes off the shelf and ran around the store with them on her feet. I thought in a moment of clarity that we could keep each other entertained for a lifetime.  I was two years sober and just starting to build a foundation for a healthy life and a relationship with the world around me – there was a clarity that I needed to have in order to even see the opportunity I had with the person in front of me.” 

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