Brendan & the Strangest Ways “We Can Beat Mercury” – Listen

As part of his landmark series ‘Cosmos‘ the great Carl Sagan made a characteristically softly spoken and reasoned analysis of astrology, and found it was bunkum wrapped up in hokum.  No doubt he’d approve of Brenden Shea’s realisation, after what seemed like a string of bad luck handed out by cruel fate, that we make our own destiny and it actually isn’t all written in the stars (fun as that game can be to play).

So when Brendan thinks of Mercury going retrograde – which is some heavy bad news in astrology circles – he shrugs it off with a “The road ahead is crumbling, but only in our minds /  That bastard ain’t fast enough to catch us, not tonight.”  ‘We Can Beat Mercury’ is taken from the second album from Brendan & the Strangest Ways called ‘We Sure The Dawn Is Coming?’  Every day, Brendan, every day.

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