Classic Clips: The Waterboys “Fisherman’s Blues” – The Tube, Channel 4, 1986

Just recently, The Americana Music Association UK (AMA-UK) awarded Mike Scott a UK Lifetime Achievement Award. Scott is the creator and front man of The Waterboys. The album ‘Fisherman’s Blues‘ was released in October 1988 and was just a joy from start to finish. Remember, this was the time of Chernobyl, that first virus and Thatcher.

Sadly, The Tube, had aired its final episode by then. However, the show’s 100th episode in 1986 had the band playing what was to be the album’s opening track. It is a classic of its time and still glorious. If there had been our technology back then, perhaps there would be more fantastic footage of a great live band fronted by Scott singing his heart out. But, memories sometimes suffice. When I caught them live at Glasgow Barrowlands two years later the sprung floor was bouncing.

Scott has never considered himself or The Waterboys as an americana act. With the benefit of hindsight he sees that “Americana has fuelled, inspired and informed everything we’ve ever done. It is like a landmass I’ve been standing on the whole time, and I’m proud and honoured to consider our music part of it.”


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Johnny Cashbook

Brilliant – thanks for posting this