Dream Team Double Header – Oysterband & The Human League

Here we are again with another ideal duo as suggested by Songkick.  You’ll recall that Songkick sends out regular reminders of when bands are going to be playing nearby and these emails come with a header that states: “Just announced someone and someone else“.  So it looks like a doubleheader gig.  Yes it does, really, at first glance it does.  Yes, every time.  Just go with it, ok?

Some of these pairings look inspired, and some of them just seem… unlikley.  Who, after all, has gone and booked the one-time kings of ceilidh and latterly rowdy politically inspired folk-rockers Oysterband to play on the same bill as the one-time kings of bleep-bleepery synth-pop?  What could connect this unlikely pair?  And who opens for who?  Do you put on the band with the confetti cannon first, or do the stomping rabble-rousers get followed by the one-time embodiment of cutting-edge hairstyles and latterly purveyors of sensible utility cuts and (gasp) baldness?  It’s a tricky one – but I reckon it’s the Oysters first and The Human League then do a set based solely around their political song.  Yes, as Phil Oakey always insisted, they were not just a pop band devoid of politics.  No, really.

But then again, when you think about it, if the Oysterband can get June Tabor to turn up as well, then maybe it’s not such an odd pairing after all.

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