Ewan Cruickshanks “A Glasgow Band” (Armellodie Records 2018)

Ewan Cruickshanks is a keen supporter of the Glaswegian roots music scene, with a radio show affiliated to the local university, and February sees the release of his debut album. ‘Y.N.D. (Youth Never Dies),’ the instrumental only opening track sounds something like a collaboration between Sonic Youth and the Pixies, although it’s not typical of the rest of the album which could generally be filed under the heading ‘alternative/indie.’

Meanwhile, ‘C.A.A.G.B’ is an almost glam like, Bay City Rollerish footstomper with occasional hand claps, sounding not dissimilar in places to ‘Three Lions’ by the Lightning Seeds. The third track on the album, ‘For A Girl’ has a slowed down angular guitar riff that’s been compared to Tom Verlaine of Television. ‘Dreams’ is probably the stand out track on the record – a reminiscence of Cruikshank’s time growing up in Elgin with his harmony vocalising partner, Siobahn Wilson – its jangly guitar and melodies making it not dissimilar to something Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian might knock up before tea time.

Although the somewhat eclectic nature on this 11 track release means it struggles at times to establish its own identity, overall it’s a fun and enjoyable listen.



Debut release of eclectic Glaswegian indie pop

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