Gallery 47 “Weeklong” – Listen

Jack Peachey is Gallery 47, and with ‘Weeklong‘ he is providing a much needed mid-week burst of energy.  With vocals that at times sound suspiciously like a moonlighting Lindsey Buckingham and a classic sound there’s certainly a touch of that seventies LA rock feel to ‘Weeklong‘.  The lyrics though suggest that there’s nothing but a bad time going on “where do we come from ? Where do we go ? I’ve been wasting breath I’ve been so upset I’ve been feeling down.”  At a bare three minutes it’s over way too soon, but that’s what the repeat button is for.

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Sure, I could climb high in a tree, or go to Skye on my holiday. I could be happy. All I really want is the excitement of first hearing The Byrds, the amazement of decades of Dylan's music, or the thrill of seeing a band like The Long Ryders live. That's not much to ask, is it?
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Love this!