Jerry Leger & Don Stevenson “Halfway ‘Til Gone” – Listen

A very special track today, with Canadian Jerry Leger teeming up with Don Stevenson (of Moby Grape fame) for ‘Halfway ’til Gone‘.  There’s a classic Everly Brothers feel to the duo’s collaboration – in the harmonies, the song structure and, of course, the love that has gone wrong that is the heart of the song.  But, we’re sure you’re wondering, how did the Canadian singer-songwriter get together with the Grape’s drummer anyway?  Read on as Jerry Leger explains.

A few years back, I heard from my buddy Tim Bovaconti that Don was now living in Toronto and that he had played with him. I had become a Moby Grape fan some years before after Tim played me their iconic first record. I was very excited to catch Don’s next show. When I finally got to see him play, I was first struck by how great and pure he still sounded after all these years; and then by what a great guy he was. I admire that he’s still playing music with the same passion and love that he had for it at my age. We talked, and the more we talked we found we spoke the same language and dug a lot of the same music!”

So, ’twas music that brought them together – and ’twas ever thus, no?  One final thought.  It’s a crying shame that the Moby Grape back catalogue has never seen a proper CD release – although Sundazed really tried in 2007 – surely the time is as ripe now as ever?

Photo: Laura Proctor

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