Nikki & The Phantom Callers “They’ve Never Walked Through Shadows” – Listen

There’s a mighty blend of modern know-how and traditional voice blending on ‘They’ve Never Walked Through Shadows‘, the new single from Atlanta’s Nikki & The Phantom Callers. The band describe themselves as purveyors of jangling country-tinged indie-rock outfit-but that’s not really the case on this song where something quite unusual is going on.There’s a call back to the blended Gospel  voices of ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot‘, and that’s due no doubt to the influence of Nikki Speake who grew up singing at church in Dadeville – the epitome of small-town Alabama.  The vocals intertwining and crossing at tangents makes for a haunted traditional sound, which is given a distinctive edge with martial percussion and long keyboard chords.  One thing’s for sure – this is not the music you’ve heard every day, and that’s exactly what we aim to bring you.

Photo: Brandon Barr

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Sounds amazing – but no CD’s around to buy!


Hi Stuartstorm! Thank you so much for the comment. You can buy the song on itunes, ect. We also have a 7inch for sale on our website

Here is the itunes link:

Thanks again for your interest!!