Siv Jakobsen “Most Of The Time” – Flying high, sleeping right

Photo: Jørgen Nordby

Not, we hasten to point out, a cover of the Dylan song.  Siv Jakobsen’s ‘Most of the Time‘ is a wistful, dreamlike song which evokes a wish, of sorts, to be alone: “I wanna know what it feels like / to be alone / without you in my mind“.  And yet, that’s not the reality, not all the time as she also whispers “He wakes, holds me close he is all I want to know / We are forever / And I am better / Most of the time.”  It’s that “most of the time” though that gives the song a frisson of disquiet.  As Siv Jakobsen has explained the song is about not being able to forget a particularly difficult relationship: “I knew that in going there it might awaken some difficult memories, but I was completely taken aback by how intensely I felt pulled back into who I was and how I felt all those years ago. I realised I had some unpacking to do, so that I could begin to properly come to terms with and understand those memories.“.

The Norwegian singer has a single gig so-far lined up for the UK, Siv Jakobsen will play The Slaughtered Lamb in London on September 29th.

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