AmericanA to Z – Suzanne Vega

Last week was Tom Petty and so AmericanA to Z reaches the letter U. And since Uncle Tupelo have been covered already, skips directly to V. It was that or The Upsetters, and really that was a stretch too far even for our generous definition of Americana. Instead, let’s go back to the mid-eighties and a sad time for female singer-songwriters. Joni had put out the reasonable ‘Wild Things Run Fast‘, had the patchy ‘Dog Eat Dog‘ ready to go and would follow this up with the ho-hum ‘Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm‘ – Joni’s doing covers and using co-writers? Not good. If she were ever really the next big thing Carly Simon had got into a rut of banal songs for movies – with ‘Coming Around Again‘ only a partial exception. Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Suzanne Vega”

Cambridge Folk Festival announce first artists

With the tickets for this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival having gone on sale on the 10th of December last year it’s too late to say “this seems to come around earlier every year”.  And anyway, who wouldn’t want to know who the first major artists confirmed for this prestigious and long-running festival are? Continue reading “Cambridge Folk Festival announce first artists”