The Early Mays “The Ballad Of Johnny Fall” – There’s been a murder…

Photo: Kristi Jan Hoover

The Early Mays (Emily Pinkerton, Ellen Gozion) put a spin on both the murder ballad and the railroad song with their new release ‘The Ballad of Johnny Fall.‘  This features a winning combination of banjo and cello which gives an added depth to a song that’s so old timey that it feels like it’s a reworked English folksong that’s been in the American tradition for centuries.

The Pittsburgh based duo have a new EP ‘Prettiest Blue‘ out on July 1st, from which ‘The Ballad of Johnny Fall‘ is taken.  Both members of The Early Mays have other full-time jobs in very different strands of music, but their collaboration is something special:  “I think part of our aesthetic comes from being introspective people,” Ellen reflects, “We don’t have a flashy, fast sound, but if you let the music engulf you, there are lots of layers. Our songs give people a place to slow down.”  Emily concurs “The Early Mays rehearsals are restorative for me. The hours spent in Ellen’s living room, with coffee and dark chocolate, following the harmonies wherever they take us, laughing and just loving that exploration as much as we love singing for other people. I hope you can hear the joy of the process in ‘Prettiest Blue.’


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