Track Premiere: Caitlin Anne Webster “Wait (On Love)”

Caitlin Anne Webster’s new song digs deep on two levels – there’s the touchstones of her music which serve to give the song a classic traditional folk feel and then there’s the emotional depths with ‘Wait (On Love)’ coming out of the ending of a long-term relationship.  The emotion of the situation is clearly carried through her vocal and the honesty of the lyrics which speak of her “heavy heart” as she “kissed my old man goodbye”

Caitlin Anne Webster recorded ‘Wait (On Love)‘ live to tape in Los Angeles’ Palomino Studios, but she is now based in Tennessee.  Speaking of the background to her sound and the new song Caitlin  has said “I grew up listening to the girl groups of the 50’s and 60’s, that definitely influenced the harmonies, recording and overall vibe of this song.  I wrote “Wait (On Love)” in a van in a hotel parking lot in the Redwoods of Northern California. I was doing a run of the Pacific Northwest. It was storming badly and we had to pull off because visibility was so crummy. I had recently gotten out of a ten-year relationship, and the song came to me in a flash. It started as me questioning whether I was ready to love again and how soon is too soon? But, it also ended up touching on some of the isolation,  pain, and misunderstandings of the relationship I had let go of and was very much still processing. While my tour mate enjoyed the hotel room I took to the cocoon-like space of the van and wrote most of the song in that parking lot. ”

Photo: Emily Quirk

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