Track Premiere: Caitlin Cannon “Amarillo & Little Rock”

Caitlin Cannon has been pretty busy the last few years, with the release of her debut ‘The TrashCannon Album‘ in 2020 and ‘Lucky Break‘ in 2021 with Side Pony (her duo-project with singer Alice Wallace).  And now she has another full album in the can ‘The World’s Greatest Alchemist‘ which will be released later this year.   ‘Amarillo & Little Rock‘ is the lead single, and tells a story of moving home and maybe for not the best reasons – and just maybe not coping too well with the changes that life has decided to throw up.

Caitlin Cannon told us some background to the song: “I was transporting the last of my belongings from Colorado to Nashville, when I got pulled over somewhere between Amarillo and Little Rock. The officer gave me a ticket I couldn’t cry my way out of. Well, I was crying for real after that, and I called a friend who asked where I was. He challenged me to write the song, and I think I had a verse / chorus by the time I crossed the Tennessee State line.”

The new album was engineered and produced by Misa Arriaga, who has clearly made an impact on Caitlin Cannon as she explains her feelings on relocating to Nashville: “My experiences recording at Music City Studio B this year have changed the way I think about music.  I call it ‘Misa Wonka and the Music Factory’ because of the actual magic I’ve witnessed some great musicians inspire out of each other there. It’s never been more important to me to eliminate distractions, work hard, prioritize and focus. At the same time, I feel more about music the way I did when I was a kid. I know they are ‘mine’, but I just feel so lucky to have gotten to be a part of making these songs.”


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