Veronica Stanton “Quick Fix” – no such thing, but you can keep trying

Photo: Autumn Dozier

As we write this we can’t help but wonder how much more appropriate to our times the words “Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to go and do what I’m supposed to do” and, even more so, “But I know it’s not a quick fix, I know it’s not easy, know it’s not a quick fix though I wish there could be“.  Somebody bike a copy of the album over to the great leader.  It’d be appreciated we’re sure, because this first single from ‘Caught Up on a Feeling’ the debut album by Veronica Stanton is the very definition of positive thinking.  And if you pick up the slightest hint of Erin Rae around this then that’s not such a coincidence – Erin Rae is Veronica Stanton’s vocal teacher, and the album was produced by Dan Knobler who has also produced Erin Rae.  But, and this is the proverbial big but arriving, despite that shared background Veronica Stanton’s voice – both literal and lyrically – is quite her own.  And here’s another thing worth knowing – you may listen to and love this song, pretty confident about that, but wait until you hear the whole album.  It is sonically glowingly and just wonderful.  It’s a great time to be alive and listening to music.

And that, as it turns out, is Veronica Stanton’s world view as well – as she has explained: “When I was writing a lot of these songs I was in a pretty dark headspace.”  In fact she was struggling with anxiety and depression and giving serious thought to throwing in the towel on a career in music altogether.  That all changed, she says, when “I realized I need to create music and need the joy I get from sharing it, even if it’s scary sometimes.  In the studio, I felt really free to try new ideas and get outside my comfort zone.”

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